PDFBinder 1.1

An utility for binding several PDF documents into a single one
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PDFBinder is a very simple tool that performs one single task: it merges several PDF documents into a single one. The number of PDF documents to be merged is not limited. It is a tool especially useful for those with office related jobs, students who have lots of material to print for studying, and others.

The user interface is extremely simple: one has the option to add the PDF files, move up and down in the created list, remove items and then bind the selected documents. No need to deal with File or Edit menus, as all this program offers are five simple buttons. Anyway, the program does its job and it does it fast.

Therefore, if you simply need some documents to be bound together in an easy and fast manner, you will surely appreciate this neat program, especially thanks to its option for doing this in plain sight.

If you're interested in programs occupying little space on your computer and performing simple tasks easily and for certain, then this neat utility is good enough for you.

Margie Smeer
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  • Occupies little space on your computer
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